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Anthony Vol. 2 is my latest release to date. Follow our character Mark’s journey from the dark and gritty streets of Paris to the upscale suburbs of New York. The book is separated into 10 short stories with each being vastly different from the last. From a fashion week overdose to a human scavenger hunt each story is a tale of it’s own. 10 separate realities and one common character in hopes to expel all his ill will and spend his last days in peace.


Get “ Anthony Vol. 2 : Paris and New York “ NOW on Kindle & Amazon and Google Play!

* Physical copies include 10 additional pictures drawn by myself*


⁃ Happy Place

⁃ Paris

⁃ Prama Night

⁃ Sweetheart

⁃ Victoria


⁃ Desmond

⁃ Bully

⁃ Father Part 2

⁃ Oldie

⁃ Anthony


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