Fashion, the ultimate expression of self and the ultimate expression of style. For some that might seem like a bit of a stretch, but for us New Yorkers it’s definitely a way of life. All year round the city is like a living art exhibit with every person you see modeling a style that you’ve never seen. At a glance you may think that it doesn’t get any better than this, but I’m here to tell you that it does. There’s a specific week marked on every fashion lovers calendar, a week that they can’t help but look forward to. This week is called “fashion week” and it’s a culmination of all the greatest artists and designers showcasing their talents from all over the world. Lucky enough I was invited to an event courtesy of NYCSUSTAINABLEFASHION, so I can show you guys what it looked like on the inside. The event took place on September 10, and it was hosted at the Six Summit Art Gallery in the Port Authority bus terminal. I can remember walking past this same exact place for years and to now be inside is almost surreal. As soon as I stepped in I was greeted by the two co-founders Ms. Vera Lovici and Mrs.Gjilberta Lucas-Cohen. They both were really excited about the entire event and wasted no time getting everybody seated and ready to start. The show started off with an introduction and runway segment by accomplished designer Walter Baker. While being known for his edgy eclectic sense of style his show was no exception. Blowing everybody away with his looks and setting the tone for the rest of the show.

Next we had a live musical performance by Mrs.Gjilberta Lucas-Cohen. This part of the show definitely had me the most engaged. She hosted the entire event with sort of a light hearted funny attitude, but when it was time to perform it’s almost as if she transferred into a completely different person. He ability to command the cello was truly amazing and it kind of makes me think twice about playing an instrument. Third we have Katherine Barkman the talented ballerina. Going into this segment I can definitely say I was my most skeptical. The only experience I have with ballet is watching quick clips online, but her performance was like nothing I’ve seen before. The entire experience was almost hypnotic as I watched her dance and prance around the runway. All of her moves were perfectly synchronized with the beat, marking me immediately think about all of the hours of practice this must have taken.

Soon after we were given a 15 minute break, leaving us a window to get snacks and other refreshments. At this point of the show I was so deeply focused I didn’t even leave my seat. Just patiently waiting until the show picked up again. Soon after the show resumed and we got right back into it. Here is where the schedule picked up the pace tremendously. Taking place were two runways segments and then two performances to close us out. The first show was hosted by Patrizia NYC (Patrizia Locino) a collective that’s primarily focused on taking everyday items one would usually discard and transforming them into jewelry. If you ask me this is the definition of sustainable fashion and it make me glad to see a creator take this approach to fashion. Seamlessly after this show we transitioned into our next one. Hosted by HANIA NEW YORK and founded by Anya Cole in 2012 this company is structured around a knit by hand sort of aesthetic infusing contemporary style into a centuries-old tradition. Around this time I had my pen and pad out, jotting down notes trying to absorb everything I learned.

Lastly, to wrap everything up we were hit by an amazing performance with Joana Kaimi on the violin. Out of the entire show I would have to say that Joana is now my favorite, she brought this level of swagger and excitement for the show that I felt it needed at the time. Another thing I liked about her performance was the fact that her sound didn’t really resemble an old classical song you tend to hear with a violin, it was more of a mainstream popular kind of sound given as to why I liked it so much.

In conclusion this was a very interesting experience. This was the second runway show that I’ve ever been to and to see the level of talent and diversity between everyone who presented was honestly amazing. From fashion to live instrumentation there was not one moment in the show where I wasn’t fully engaged. Everybody there was friendly and pretty social, so it made the environment pretty relaxed for everyone. All in all I have nothing bad to say it’s honestly one of the most coolest event I will forever remember.

Thank you Vera!

Guys I just have one question

How did you spend fashion week?

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