Overthinking ( IM BACK)

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In some ways my mind is a lot like the new dog I just bought. On one day it’s so sweet and so calm and the next it’s ready to bite my head clean off. Usually in these moments I’ll go searching for receipts, but unfortunately one of these cannot be returned. Okay so what’s next? Well, a friend of mines offered me this book and apparently it’s supposed to help with overthinking. Now I’m not the best when it comes to self help, but I’ll do anything to teach this old dog some new tricks. One by one I flipped through the pages looking for the easiest tricks to learn, but it was all to no avail. I tried deep breathing, but I couldn’t stop barking. Then I tried still moment, but a couldn’t stop falling. Well by the time meditation came around I was about ready to roll over, so I called it quits and decided to let it go. At this point I don’t mind if I can’t control it just at least let me put the leash on.

Guys I just have one question

Do you struggle with overthinking?

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Overthinking can stop ones progression and potential. It’s best if we follow our guts instead of over analyzing and inevitably talking ourselves out of it.

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