The Pen

Let me tell you there’s nothing in this world that gets me riled up more then a good ol school fight. It was grade 6, 2009 and i was scheduled to hit it off against school bad boy Bryan David. As tempers flared it was only a matter of time until word got out, and students left and right were placing their bets on who they thought would would win. Period after period our audience grew bigger and bigger and before we knew it we have swarms of students following us everywhere we went. From this point on it’ll only be seconds until we run into each other then BOOM it happened. Sixth period poetry class it was on, punches were thrown, chairs were flown and the entire crowd went crazy. Soon after our teacher Mr. Cargile got in between and broke it up. He grabbed both of us by the wrist and dragged us to a safe room were he then told us to write down our feelings towards the situation. Ten minutes passed and he told us to swap papers, mines was blank and his said “I’m sorry”. Damn he really sliced me in half with this one.

Guys I just have one question

Is the pen mightier than the sword?

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