Call me strange, but some days I just think back to my mother and how she used to give me money to buy snacks after school. The moment I stepped in the store I would always remember this saying she had for me; it went, “ enjoy your sweets Mark, but only in moderation.” Aww spoken from a mother that cares. Hours later I would always come home with a swollen belly and she’ll be at the top of the steps ready to take care of me. Let me tell you it’s a blessing having a mother like mines, but imagine if I didn’t? I’ll probably be like the rest of these guys struggling to figure out what’s next. For years to come there was always someone else taking care of us, but as we got older it seems like the rides have turned. A few months ago I decided to move out so now I’m fully responsible for myself. My mother is still around of course, but she won’t be at the top of the steps waiting to fix my swollen belly.

Guys I just have one question

How do you live in moderation?

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