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Looking back I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one day-dreaming in history class. Every Wednesday was an hour long lecture and at the end I couldn’t remember a single thing said. Trust me college is important, but be honest you’d much rather be in “la-la land” than in the French Revolution. As the class goes on a few of my mates get kicked out for dozing off, at this point you would think that they would have this more down pact. You see, there’s a technique behind slacking off if you didn’t already know. The key is to listen, but only a little bit. Then latch on to the last few words and whatever happens happens. A few times I’ve missed but most times I’ve made . So I can definitely say I’m a reliable source when it comes to this. Right before the class ends the professor whips around and asked ME for the closing statement. Damn I guess I must’ve missed this one.

Guys I just have one question

What are you not taking serious?

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Alex Sobolev

The present, I’d say I’m taking the future seriously, but not the present where I have to make movements to achieve the future. Oh god it’s a paradox.

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