If you don’t mind I’d love to tell you a quick story. Back in the late 2000s me and my cousin Michael would always go to the park and play basketball. We had fun and all, but he would always bring this friend that I wasn’t too fond of. His name was Avery and every time we saw him there was new excuse. On Monday he forgot his shoes and Tuesday he forgot his shorts and Wednesday forget about it because he forgot to show up. After months of all his dodging me and Mike decided to catch him, so we popped up at his house and asked if he wanted to play. From the look of his face he can tell that he was caught, so he just backed up his things and we began on our way. We hit the courts and things seemed a bit promising, all until Avery touched the ball and we lost five games straight if he had just been honest if would’ve been alright, Trust me I would understand if you left your skills at home.

Guys I just have one question

What is your excuse?

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