Hiding Something

As a kid I was curious, I always wanted to know more than I was told. Now I don’t know if it was just a hunch or a sixth sense, but I can always tell when someone’s holding out on me. No matter how tough the guy or attractive the girl, they all had secrets that I was gonna find out about. It started off small, you know? Listening in on calls, opening emails, but it wouldn’t be long until those habits got worse. From this point on I was a full blown scavenger, sifting through everyone’s belongings searching for secrets. In my eyes there was nothing wrong with a good laugh especially when it was at someone else’s expense, so for years to come I played this game until karma decided that I’ve had enough. Years later I retired from the game and decided to settle down with a long time girlfriend. We tie the knot and move in together but I still can’t help the feeling to search. I wait until she’s asleep to search through her phone and there I see text messages from her and other men. Damn, it looks like curiosity finally killed this cat.

Guys I just have one question

Are you hiding something?

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