Let Go

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Sometimes I just think back on all the trouble I got into my early years of grade school. From ditching school to stealing shoes, you name it I’ve done it. Trust me, I tried playing the “good kid” but after that recess bell rang all hell would break loose. For a moment I thought I was invincible, but that was all until I finally met my match. It was a regular school day and we were only minutes away from recess. As we were all lining up to go outside BOW I bumped shoulders with notorious bad boy Timothy “TJ” Johnson. He looked at me with a confused stare as if he was waiting for an apology, then he balled up his fists once he realized he wasn’t getting one. Before I could even get a word out BAM he gave me a right jab straight to the kisser. All I.could remember is waking up to my friends splashing water on me. Many years have passed since then and I’ve changed quite a bit. I gained a few pounds and I even decided to take up judo classes but I just can’t shake the memory of being put out that day. Damn I wonder what TJ is doing now.

Guys I just have one question

What are you holding on to?

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