Even in my adult years I can’t help but think about all the time I spent with my high school friends. They were basically like my partners in crime, they knew all of my ins and outs and gave me all the support that I needed so at this point it would be wrong if I didn’t consider them as family. Don’t get me wrong that’s no knock on my actual family but I’d be lying if I said that they weren’t lacking in some areas. With all the missed checkups and toxic mess ups my family started to move down my list of loyalty and in the same breath my friends were there to fill in all the gaps. I’m not saying that my friends are parents now but they taught me lessons that I wish my parents could’ve taught me. As more time passed the bridge between me and my family began to crumble, leaving us on opposite ends with our backs turned waiting for the glorious day for me to move out. Well, it’s pretty hard being hurt by the ones who should love it just makes me question the meaning of family.

Guys I just have one question

What does it mean to be family?

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