Will I Ever Find Love?

It was once said , “if you search hard enough you’ll find exactly what your looking for.” It’s a statement so true, but how many close calls and under the bed checks does it take until you finally give up on what you were looking for? Well, all of this said to describe my relationship with love. No matter how many dates I go on and no matter how many people I talk to it just seems like love and I are in two different seasons. I’m growing to understand that love at 21 love is something you usually don’t find but a hurts a bit more when the ones around you have found it. Imagine the same group you used to chase the ladies with started pairing off and creating new lives for themselves. They love me I know they do but the stories of a single man doesn’t excite them anymore. I could be overthinking, but from where I stand it looks like love is just not in my future.

Guys I just have one question

Will I ever find love?

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