I can’t remember a time where i didn’t get what I wanted. From new gifts to out of state trips, my parents had me spoiled rotten. I’m pretty sure they knew it was wrong, but they couldn’t bear the thought of telling their son no. Years pile on and I take my first few steps into adulthood. There’s a pathway leading to a job, one leading to a wife and another leading to some friends. All placed directly right on front of me with my choice to enter. They all carry multiple gatekeepers ready to check my credentials to see if I’m worthy of passing. If they all check off I proceed with the process and if one doesn’t match I land right back where I started. It’s a long and hard process I must admit but it’s also one I was never ready for to begin with. With constant rejection in my job search, my love life and my friendships “no” is just the last word I want to hear right now.

Guys, I just have one question

How do you handle rejection?

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