Day Off

With a good job comes hard work, something in which I feel we all need a day off from. When the weekend comes around it frees us from their shackles only for them to be left on the ground and picked up again on Monday. A single man would take this time to unwind, but lucky me has another job after this one. I’m not too sure if you knew but being a boyfriend Is a job in it’s own. The pay is okay, the hours are infinite and it’s all for a girl that I can maybe call my wife one day. All the dates and late night talks were fine, up until I noticed that nothing has really changed since yesterday. We’re always in constant communication as if she’s my manager asking me for my “where abouts” and if I can come in today. Once again I have fallen on my face, and I’ve landed another on that don’t remember applying for. At this point I’m just wondering what the schedules going to look like for next week.

Guys I just have one question

Is it okay to take a day off in a relationship?

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