Is It Achievable?

Would it be wrong if I told you that all day I dream about success? Let’s just say it’s my little unhealthy obsession. You know? The cars, the clothes, the white picket fence. You know, the essentials. Eventually you reach a point where you get tired of dreaming and your just ready for this “success thing” to fall into your lap. As far as I know it seems like everything I’ve done was right. I went to college, I wrote a book and I put it all over Instagram now I’m just curious as to when my dollars are going to start rolling in. As time passes by my dreams are starting to fade and the world around me is beginning to look more realistic. Being the greatest writer is definitely in my reach but maybe it’s something not worth reaching for right now. Truth be told I’d hate to play it safe but maybe my mentors were right, maybe I should go back to college.

Guys I just have one question 

Is massive success really achievable?

One thought on “Is It Achievable?

  1. Bro this success shit is really lightning in a bottle. It takes so much time and effort to finally blow up, and alot of the times it amounts to nothing. It can really be depressing. Like why put effort into anything that you know no one will see. I used to feel like that alot , and i still do sometimes but I’ve started to put some faith in my own skills. Things might not be what I’d like them to be right now, but if I keep working, keep improving, then the world will have to know my name. One step at a time.

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