Real Friends……

Since young it always amazed me how much friendship is really like war. From dusk til dawn it’s constant training and preparation so we can then be ready for the day we have to run into battle. Deep in our barracks we made an oath as soldiers to never leave our fellow brethren on the fields. Then and only then we will find out who our true friends are. The war has begun and all hell has broken loose. Every one of my fellow soldiers have gone their separate ways as we are now left to fight wars on our own. With our power divided we begin to drop like flies as me and my remaining soldiers retreat and try to formulate a game plan. This fight was one we obviously could’ve won but it only took a pound of pressure to destroy everything we created. We have left our retreat in silence with them all shrugging shoulders and making faces. If we don’t talk another day that’s fine, just promise to meet me on the frontlines.

Guys I just have one question 

What does it mean to be a friend?

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