Why So Serious?

Times like this makes me think about all the years I’ve spent playing peewee basketball. The practice, the friendships, the traveling and the attitude. All in all Coach Todd did a great job in whipping us young boys into young men, teaching us that in the game of hoops nothing is earned unless you get a little serious. A valuable lesson indeed but how long after practice do we maintain this serious demeanor? It’s sounds simple but it’s a question I’ve always had trouble with. I would achieve my goal and win the gold but I wouldn’t be able to shake the feeling that I’m wasting time. As the days go by the life is starting to look more like a playbook and I’m just another player trying to find the best position. Honestly I just wish Coach Todd taught us the difference between “game time” and “game time”.

Guys I just have one question 

Why are we so serious?

2 thoughts on “Why So Serious?

  1. Shit I feel you on that man. Things used to be way easier back in the day. With your metaphor of basketball, back then we were realy playing for nothing but our own satisfaction. Generally low stakes stuff. As we age those stakes rise. Instead of playing to win a local game, you play to get into jv divisions, get a sports scholarship and maybe even make it to the NBA. This part of our lives can be particularly rough, as a majority of us are forced into being serious about something, hopefully that can lead to immediate profit. Ultimately I don’t think this feeling goes away until you’ve established yourself/retired. The goal isn’t just to go to practice because thats what you’re expected to do, its to go to practice to improve yourself towards something that YOU want.

    1. Sheesh bro you are so right! The world is shifting to a more serious space where nothing isn’t deemed as productive unless your making money from it. I’ts almost sad because hobbies are basically non existent at this point. In 2020 why do it if it’s not making money.

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