How Many ?

When’s the last time you ran to mommy and daddy when you got a boo-boo? Well I’ll go out on a limb and say we’re all at that age where that’s no longer an option. In a day and age where our cities are chock-full of certified doctors and clinics who needs parents when you have insurance. Now just bear with me people, of course you need your parents you just need great coverage a little bit more. With their double doors opened wide people of all shapes and sizes can pass through seeking medical attention. Everyone from your passionate lover to your super old college professor they don’t discriminate. We disclose to them everything what we did last week, who we were with last week and how it felt last week. As if we weren’t already stripped of our dignity every consultation is wrapped and sealed with a ribbon of secrecy forbidding us from speaking a word with anyone who isn’t our doctor. As we all leave their office with our dark shades of shame I just have one question?

How many of us are seeing doctors in private? 

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