The Pressure

Is it me or does it seem like the older you get the less happy your parents are to see you? It was cute the first few years, all until they looked up and saw that I was still here. I swear all the love dwindles down the moment bills have to get paid and from the look of it I’m might be the most expensive one. When you get to this stage all the conversations are objective based and if your “hello” doesn’t have a four-year plan attached they honestly don’t want to hear it. Trust me all of that is fine and all but I really don’t want to talk about down payments while I’m trying to enjoy my breakfast. Well it’s all in good humor until you realize they aren’t playing and in the next few months I’ll be running around headless trying to find a new place to live. Time is ticking and this writing stuff hasn’t paid yet, so I don’t think it’ll be wrong for me to ask for a miracle right about now. It’s an ultimatum with my name written on it as both my parents get the confetti ready, waiting for me to jump nest. 

Guys I just have one question 

Am I the only one being pressured to leave?

2 thoughts on “The Pressure

  1. Thats a good ass question. I feel parents expect things to go the same way that it went for them. They don’t understand that everything is different from when they were growing up, so their impatience is misguided. Even if t their age they were able to be independent,its not that easy anyore. As a kid I used to always say that I was gonna move out at 18. Yeah right, move where? Job requirements are way too high and then pay way too low. Everything is expensive to a nigga who ain’t got money. There’s no way in hell I can do that now, so all we can do is do our best to get to the point where we CAN be independent. It’s gonna take time but we have plenty of that right now.

    1. first off i really want to say thank you so much for reading the post! And you are so right in the state we’re in it’s virtually impossible to be well off in the city of New York at this age without help from your parents to a certain degree. The best thing for us to do is keep our heads down and keep working!

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